Thursday, 18 November 2010

Review: Cake Stand from CSN Stores

A few weeks a go I received an email from the people of CSN Stores asking if I would review one of their products.Well,I couldn't choose just one because they have so many fab things to buy. But my favourite was this beautiful Victoria & Albert Museum cake stand. It's very classy and perfect for afternoon tea. They have a range of different cake stands from the V&A and let's just say this isn't the last one I will be ordering :)

Here's a picture of it on its own.

And with some yummy cocktail cupcakes on! Check out their website for more great products:

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cake International: Birmingham NEC

I went to Cake International held at the Birmingham NEC yesterday. I was really excited about all the free cake, all the discounts and all the cool new stuff I was going to get to try out. Unfortunately I didn't get any of these things. I didn't even get to BUY any cake! There were lots of great stalls but you literally could not get to them because of all the people pushing and barging. One thing that really annoys me as a short arse is the fact that I repeatedly get knocked into at busy events. I get used to this, I put up with it now. But one thing I do not like is getting leaned over or moved out of the way purposefully. It's just rude. The stalls I did just about get to were selling lots of goodies but for the same prices (and sometimes even higher) as they are sold on their websites. There was only one company who were selling special wrappers who I had not heard of and bought something from.

However, it wasn't a complete disappointment; I did get to see some mind blowing cake creations. I loved looking at all the competition entries. The only thing I feel could've been added to the competition would be a little description stating what the cake was made of/how they got the idea. I think that would've been really beneficial and interesting for the attendees.

Here are a few of my favourite cakes:

From the International Category

 From the Novelty Cakes category
 From the 'I can't remember the name' Category. But how amazing is this?! Can't believe it's cake!

And finally, from the Halloween cake category