Thursday, 18 November 2010

Review: Cake Stand from CSN Stores

A few weeks a go I received an email from the people of CSN Stores asking if I would review one of their products.Well,I couldn't choose just one because they have so many fab things to buy. But my favourite was this beautiful Victoria & Albert Museum cake stand. It's very classy and perfect for afternoon tea. They have a range of different cake stands from the V&A and let's just say this isn't the last one I will be ordering :)

Here's a picture of it on its own.

And with some yummy cocktail cupcakes on! Check out their website for more great products:


  1. Oh my that is gorgeous! So very elegant!

  2. That is so pretty - I can just see it sitting on my dining room table with little confections for a tea party (yeah - like I have time for tea parties!! :)... Thanks for the review.

  3. That really is a stunning cake stand! So beautiful and elegant