Friday, 6 January 2012

2011 in Cupcakes

Happy New Year cupcake fans! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and were able to have a bit of a break. Back to normality now.

I thought I would start 2012 off with a round up of last year's cupcakes as it was a very busy year and I got to make some really fun creations (so a big thank you to my customers for that!)

January - James Bond

James Bond themed cupcakes for Mark's 30th Birthday.

February - Cupcake Bouquet

It was really difficult to pick just one photo this month as I had lots of great orders; circus babyshower cupcakes, a handbag cake and of course, lots of Valentines Cupcakes but this has to be my favourite - a cupcake basket bouquet. It has since, been a very popular gift for birthdays, anniversaries, new baby arrivals and more!

March - Graduation

In March 2011, I finally had my Masters Graduation Ceremony which I completed in December 2010. Who'd have thought it would lead to a career in cupcaking? ;)

April - My First Wedding Order

This was my first wedding order and has been a popular choice for many brides & grooms in 2011. This was also the month of the Royal Wedding - quite fitting I think!

May - New Baby Cupcakes

This month we welcomed a new baby into our family so I thought these babyshower cupcakes from May were a good choice.

June -  A Giant Month

I did a lot of giant cupcakes this month so I thought I had better post one for June!

July - Off on Holiday!

I went to Florida with my sister in July but not before I had time to make some Summery cupcakes for the Highfield Park Fete.

August - True Blood

August was a busy month at HIAC. The highlights being my sister's 30th Birthday and the pleasure of making cupcakes for some of the cast of HBO's True Blood.

September - Pony Cupcakes

Every month just got busier and busier at Heaven is a Cupcake. Here is my favourite of many:

October - Cupcakes for Holby City

It was a bit of a TV month in October as I was making cupcakes for Big Brother and then an episode of Holby City which hopefully will be airing in February - 2 guesses what it's going to be about ;)

November - Harry Potter in Halloween Wonderland

It was easy to choose a photo for this month as the themes are probably my favourite to do: Halloween, Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland.

December - Christmas of course!

I had lots of Christmas orders and really enjoyed coming up with new designs. Here's a close up of one of the Giant Christmas Tree Cupcakes.

And that concludes the round up of 2011 in Cupcakes. All the best for 2012!


  1. All amazing indeed!! I love them all!

  2. Wow sounds like such an amazing year...and busy! I absolutely love the giant Christmas tree one - so cool! Hope you managed to have at least some kind of break over Christmas! and Congrats on graduating your Masters this year...I'm literally counting down the days 'til mine!!

  3. Thanks Gem! I hope yours goes well :) It's well worth the hard work I think! It has been a ridiculous year but fun too.

    Thank you both :)