Friday, 28 May 2010

Off on Hols

I'm off to Austria on Sunday and not back til next Friday so will start posting more after that. Hopefully I will get some inspiration from some of the amazing desserts they have over there ( name just a few!) But until then, here's a photo of my latest cupcake venture: Choco Orange Cupcakes. I will be uploading the recipe for these when I get back so check back soon!


  1. Oh how scrumptious looking are these!!!

  2. Wow!! They look amazing!! :D
    Thanks for adding me the other day, by the way :) I remember you from Ayme, too! :)
    Hope you're having a gd hol and finding plenty of delicious inspiration!! Rx

  3. Your choccy buttercream looks lovely and smooth, do you use melted chocolate in it? Mine often ends up bubbly!

  4. Yep I used melted chocolate in it. The key is to add the icing sugar a bit at a time and use the bank of the spoon to meld it in :)

  5. Congratulations. I have given you an award at

  6. Wow, those look amazing! I can't wait to see the recipe! Though I don't think mine would look half as good!