Saturday, 5 June 2010

Home from my travels

Well, I'm back from Austria with lighter pockets but a head filled with inspiration and a suitcase full of cake supplies. I really wish I'd had a bigger case but probably a good thing I didn't because it was expensive enough. Had a lovely trip though and even had time to make some cupcakes for the family whilst I was over there. They don't have them there and they loved them. A gap in the market I think! Maybe I'll move there and open up a cupcake shop ;)

Here are the ones I made whilst I was there: it was interesting cooking with different ingredients, even their flour and eggs make them taste different.

Stay tuned for Austrian inspired cupcakes and recipes in the future. Im looking forward to experimenting! Now onto some cupcake related items I bought today after I was given a link by a friend (Molly @mols444). In WH Smith at the moment they have these brilliant cupcake storage boxes. They are absolutely perfect for all my supplies, especially after I bought so much more in Austria!

The set of 3 boxes was £9.99 in store and is £8.99 on the website. The 2nd one from the top which is a CD storage box was £2.99. And finally....


  1. Seeing as Salzburg is one of my favourite places, I can't wait to see what Austrian inspired cupcakes you come up with!

  2. I've recently started baking again, and cupcakes are a new obsession for me, so your blog was a great find!

    Austria inspired cupcakes? Those sound amazing!