Thursday, 29 July 2010

True Blood Cupcakes

Well, I have had an extremely geeky day today (more so than usual). I made gluten free True Blood themed cupcakes (entirely for my own geeky pleasure) and then served them up dressed as Sookie just to reinforce the fact that I AM A GEEK!

But, I totally loved my cupcakes and the result.

Happy Cupcaking :)


  1. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!! They're so so awesome!! I love them!!
    I'm more of a True Blood book geek, but just to see Eric, the series is worth it!!

  2. These look fantastic - definitely something I'd want to take a bite out of :)

    Btw - did you drink the True Blood or are you keeping it in the bottle?

  3. I love these! Your blog is great, so pleased you found me x

  4. Thank you! I look forward to sharing ideas :)

  5. WOWW! This looks delicious and also love true blood, great! o^o^o